Turns a bar into a stock market – drinks prices rise and fall all night!

The Drink Exchange is a multi-award winning system built specifically for the hospitality industry.

It is a unique event-driven system which is unparalleled in driving revenues and manipulating buying behaviour.

It has been running across the globe since the mid-nineties, in a huge variety of bars, pubs and clubs. From Usain Bolt’s flagship bar in Jamaica to the Student Union Bar at Essex University… from the McGettigan’s Bar at The World Trade Centre in Dubai, to Chaps Bar in Little Rock, Arkansas… The Drink Exchange really has traded in most corners of the world.

And with our easy to deploy software and unique POS integrations you can run The Drink Exchange in your bar simply and effectively.

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The Drink Exchange quite literally turns a bar into a stock market for an evening with drinks prices rising and falling every few minutes, based upon what is being sold.

From the customer’s point of view, as they enter a bar they will see a selection of drinks prices on the screens (the trading graphics can be customised to suit specific branding). These prices change every few minutes based upon what they buy! So for example, if Heineken sells, then the price rises. If no one is buying Bacardi, then the price will begin to drop.

On top of this, we have the MARKET CRASHES. These are points during the event when prices hit their minimum. This can be across a number of items, all items, or maybe just one item. The screens flash, triggering customers to buy, and as they do so, the prices begin to rise.

As you can imagine this creates a high energy event, that is great interactive fun for the customer. However, the reason it is so effective, is that the bar is in control of all of the above.



You have full control of everything: products featured, minimum & maximum prices, market crashes, speed & amount of changes, on-screen graphics, on-screen advertising.

User interface

User interface

Our simple, user intuitive platform makes training, setup, operation and support simple. It really is the easiest and most effective event you will run.



Customer visits are extended, once in customers tend to stay longer as there is always something happening or about to happen. choose what you sell, when you sell it and how much you sell it for.

POS Integration

POS Integration

The Drink Exchange App is fully authorised & seamlessly integrated into many leading POS systems globally. This means that prices change automatically and in-line with what is happening on the TV screens.


‘I can fully endorse THE EXCHANGE as a cost effective means to enhance an otherwise struggling night. I have invested in THE EXCHANGE at a pre-club bar and a night club, and I have seen a positive uplift in takings of approximately 40% in both venues!’
Jane Hawkey, SGP Leisure

‘We experienced a revenue uplift of almost 480% and a spend per head increase of almost 90% AND GP also rose’.
GM, Oldham

‘The pub had an average Saturday night turnover of £400, but on opening night of THE DRINK EXCHANGE, the turnover spiked at £1500 and while it dropped back to around £1000 it grew again in January and has remained around the £1600 – £2100 range!’
Richard Hurst, Pub & Retail Consultants

‘I now take around £2500 to £3000 on the same night I was doing £800 and for the low cost it’s a hell of a lot more fun than any other promotions we have done.’
Paul Neades, GM Hereford

‘It was brilliant. The best EXCHANGE event we’ve ever run! The new software update is much easier to use, it was much quicker to set up on than it used to be, which was really beneficial.’
Peter Coxell, Essex SU

‘It’s certainly standing the test of time. It was great for us to sell the event out on Friday. It’s just the sort of content people are looking for these days in events.’
Mike Dalton, Bath SU

POS Compatibility

The Drink Exchange is compatible with many leading EPOS systems used by the Hospitality industry.